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Brief explanation of the .com and .net domains.

.com This is perhaps the most sought after domain since it is recognised Worldwide and furthermore it allows you to establish many "sub domains" . As an example, if you registered "" you could establish sub domains such as "" , "" etc.

.net This is much the same as .com domains.

Why YOU should have a domain name based on our business/trade as opposed to our Company name.
It is a fact that as more and more people go "online" the use of search engines to locate specific types of Company or individual Companies becomes so much harder. Infact, if you type in say "stockbroking" to a search engine you will receive a list of many tens and sometimes hundreds of thousands of web sites.Infact in any event your chances of the search engine presenting your url / site as one or the 1st result increases greatly with a name based on your business type as opposed to your Company name, and after all potential clients are unlikely to type your name into the search engine, indeed they will most likely type in "stockbrokers" or "accountants" or "Lawyers" or whatever they seek and then choose a company who appears at the top part of the search engine results.



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